General: Anglers and guests are expected to behave in an appropriate manner at all times and show consideration for others at the fishery. Most importantly, we expect anglers to treat the fish with the respect and handle with every care. We reserve the right to ask visitors to leave  if we feel their behaviour is inappropriate.

1. The owner reserves the right to refuse entry/fishing.
2. Opening times:-
April 1st to August 31st :: Mon to Thurs 7am to 8.30pm
Fri to Sun 6am to 8.30pm
September :: 7am to 7pm
October 1st to Feb 28th/29th :: 7am to 5pm
March :: 7am to 6pm
3. The owner accepts no responsibility for anglers vehicles, contents or equipment whilst on the site.
4. All accidents must be reported immediately to the owner.
5. Fish to be photographed over an unhooking mat.
6. No children unless fishing with a responsible adult.
7. No swimming.
8. No Wading.
9. No Fires or BBQ.
10Parking only in the designated car parks.
11. No abusive or offensive language.
12. Respect other anglers and wildlife.
13. Use the bins provided, or take your litter home.
14. No fish to be retained, except in matches.
15. No fish to be held in towels.
16. No braided line.
17. Barbless hooks only.
18. Safe lead clips or free running leads.
19. No floating baits except on Greenhills or Mitre pool.
20. No halibut pellets.
21. Keep noise to a minimum.
22. Fishing only from designated pegs/swims.
23. Land net to be used for all fish over 6inches/15cm long.
24. No rods to be left unattended in the water.
25. Pike/carp anglers must have minimum 15lb breaking strain line.

26. Keep nets to be laid out on bank until 10 minutes before the start of the match.
27. Two keep nets per angler – 1 for silver fish, 1 for Carp.
28. 60lb limit for each net.
29. Whilst the consumption of alcohol is permitted, anyone behaving inappropriately whilst under the influence of alcohol will be asked to leave the fishery.

Specimen lake additional rules

All anglers fishing Rushglen, Greenhills and Mitre.
30. Adequate weigh sling do not retain fish unless asked to do so by staff for verification purposes or photo’s.
32. Unhooking mat with upstands to the side or carp cradle
33. Carp care kit
34. No braid mainline
35. No Wading
36. 1 guest per angler at our descretion
37. No Children under 10 to fish

Mitre you will need to have a membership to fish this lake
2 Rods per peg
No bait boats

No bait boats 2 rods per peg

3 rods

Anyone attempting to remove fish from Bishops Bowl fishery will be prosecuted, we also reserve the right to check any vehicle at any time.